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These groups agree - now go vote for me!

Today is the last day of early voting!

Whether you vote today or on election day this Tuesday, March 5, in case you’re curious who to vote for, here’s your sign! 🤣

I’m still running up the miles on my car - talking to Texans on the campaign trail 

who are moved to make a difference.

These groups agree  - and have endorsed me as the candidate to build a Brighter Future for Texas:

Austin Chronicle

Austin Environmental Democrats

Austin Young Democrats

Central Austin Democrats

Coalition of Democratic Allies

Greater Austin National Women’s Political Caucus

National Women’s Political Caucus

Liberal Austin Democrats

Northeast Travis County Democrats

Northwest Austin Democrats

Pflugerville Area Democrats

Amy Weir on the RRISD Board of Trustees

Tejano Democrats Austin

Texas Aggie Democrats

Texas College Democrats

Texas Democrats with Disabilities

University Democrats

And I’m so proud to be favored by

Mothers for Democracy

Let’s be part of something amazing - together! 

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