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Theresa's Top 4

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Solutions for Extreme Weather

There is NO denying that there has been an increase in extreme weather patterns over the last few years. Each passing year brings ever hotter days in the summer and fiercer winter storms that bring chaos as essential services cannot cope. To secure our homes, our jobs and our future, we need solutions to the problems of extreme weather. We need local and reliable electricity generation and we should be building Texas into the energy state for the 21st century that can provide jobs for years to come.


Pro Education for All

Our public schools should be palaces to the future of America. We need incentives for more teachers in every school, and an education tailored to each child so that our children’s futures will be filled with opportunity.

Pro Roe

To be pro-choice is not to tell someone whether to have an abortion or not. To be pro-choice is just that — it provides a choice. When draconian abortion bans are enacted, governments overreach and make that choice for women. These bans that remove choice lead to worse maternity care, to victims of trauma being left in agony, and to more women dying of treatable conditions. This is why I support codifying Roe v. Wade into law, to take the decision out of politicians hands and give it back to the people.


Pro Accessible Healthcare

The United States of America spends more per person on healthcare than any other developed nation for a service that leaves many Texans without the coverage they deserve. We need to expand access — through rural health clinics and incentives to keep doctors in the state — while cutting the red tape to make healthcare simpler and cheaper for all.


​There is much to do for Texas! Some of my other goals as your representative include:


Sensible Gun Reform

Guns are the leading cause of death among children. Let that sink in for a moment. I will advocate for sensible gun laws including red-flag laws, raising the age to buy firearms, and implementing other safety measures in our schools while continuing to increase awareness and mental health support.


Theresa's Mission as District 10 Representative

To help make the world safer and more nurturing; to become better stewards of the earth so that all Texans enjoy clean air and water; to utilize my background in education to inform my constituents on how to make positive changes, together, and to encourage their participation; to incorporate my leadership and real estate skills to negotiate with all parties in order to reach agreements that do the most good for all Texans; and to ensure we are good ancestors to future generations by always being cognizant of what we are leaving behind.

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