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Theresa Boisseau


Theresa's Mission as District 10 Representative

To help make the world safer and more nurturing; to become better stewards of the earth so that all Texans enjoy clean air and water; to utilize my background in education to inform my constituents on how to make positive changes, together, and to encourage their participation; to incorporate my leadership and real estate skills to negotiate with all parties in order to reach agreements that do the most good for all Texans; and to ensure we are good ancestors to future generations by always being cognizant of what we are leaving behind.


Both sides of Theresa's family have deep roots in Texas. Her maternal grandmother Elizabeth Moore was born in Tyler, Texas, and spent a significant part of her childhood in east Texas until her father, Doc Moore, passed away. Theresa’s paternal great, grandfather, Ignatius Loyola ‘Doc’ Underbrink, helped settle and develop land in south Texas on Baffin Bay including Loyola Beach in Kleberg County, Texas. After moving to Texas in 1982, Theresa graduated from Kaufer High School in Riviera before moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas at Austin. 


Theresa is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, and has lived in the Austin area since 1985. For over 20 years, After teaching in Austin ISD for 8 years, Theresa and a sibling took the baton and today, carry on the legacy of their parents, two of the first 50 agents at Keller Williams Realty. They continue to build the family real estate business and see it thrive. Theresa, along with dedicated staff, work tirelessly to be one the area’s most trusted and reputable relocation specialists. They successfully help move employees and executives from some of Austin’s most prestigious companies in and out of the area. Theresa holds the designation of Certified International Property Specialist and puts her in a group of agents who network globally for their buyers and sellers alike. 


As a former teacher, Theresa knows it is extremely important to educate her clients first about Austin’s real estate market, trends, and the process of buying and selling their home. The result is that her clients can make informed decisions for such a major purchase and life changing event. It is this expertise that has successfully helped all of her loyal and repeat clients settle into wonderful homes and lives in Austin.

Theresa is assured that the skills learned through her decades-long involvement in the family business including the art of negotiations while striving to make each transaction a win-win and working with a broad spectrum of clients from varying socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures will prove invaluable. Also, working with budgets and data, building a rock-solid network of professionals and bringing people to the table to work through often stressful situations has set her up well for success. As your Representative, she will fight to make Congress work for all constituents in District 10 and build a brighter future for all Texans.

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