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This will not get better, until we make it better

Today's anniversary of the SCOTUS overturning of Roe. v. Wade never gets any easier.

It’s been two years now; I can’t help but think about the thousands of women who have been denied the dignity, and the right, of choice during that time.

In Texas alone, over 26,000 women have been left with no choice after becoming pregnant as a result of rape. There are brave women such as Kate Cox and Amanda Zurowski who have shared their heartbreaking stories and still been denied care by Republicans.

This will not get better, until we make it better.

Women should be able to make the hardest decisions in life in private with the support of her doctor. 

Roe v. Wade should be the law of the land again.

This is up to us. The cavalry isn’t coming over the hill. Either we let Republicans take even more of our rights, or we show them that Americans everywhere will not stand for their extremism.

Tag I'm fighting so women can have a choice. And I'm not going to stop.

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