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Tax time - let’s put those tax dollars to work

Let’s talk education.

We desperately need change in Texas. 

In this recent article in the San Antonio Express News, they claim that “Vouchers Are The Worst Education Policy Can Buy” because vouchers 

  • Are old policy with a tainted past (that favored white students)

  • Discriminate against children with disabilities

  • Fail to raise student achievement

  • Are expensive

Or how about abortion:

In 1857, Texas's first criminal code banned all abortion except for the life of the mother. 

If you were prosecuted under this law, you were given five years in prison. Overturning Roe made this the law of the land again.

The Supreme Court just let a similar law go into effect in Arizona.

The courts won't help women. Republicans certainly won't help.

Here’s what to do:

Help candidates like me who 

👉 support fully funded schools 

👉 support bodily autonomy and women’s rights

I can't do it without your help!

$50 buys a tank of gas so I can cover more ground.

$250 carpets a whole street in yard signs.

$1,000 gets us on the air with radio advertising to reach people across central Texas.

Follow us on social media and share with your friends and family.

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