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Strength and kindness - a letter from my daughter

It’s Nicole here, Theresa’s daughter.

I wrote this letter to my mom close to 12 years ago:

And I have to say that I feel the same way about her today.

In early January, I accompanied my mom on a road trip to Bryan/College Station for her to speak to the Brazos Valley - Texas Democratic Women meeting. I was asked why voters should vote for my mom. 

To me, the answer was simple:

All night my mom had been answering questions regarding policies on disability, mental health, climate-resilient infrastructure, and housing, and there was a deep value that held true in every answer she gave. 

Why should you vote for my mom?

“Because she is the most compassionate and caring person I know, and I know that she would fight for anyone in her district.” 

Theresa Boisseau is the kind of person who looks after people, and who has always fought and gone out of her way to have the backs of the people around her. 

Throughout my life, I have been endlessly inspired by her small acts of inconvenient kindnesses, from running after someone in a noisy airport who left their scarf, to buying groceries for a friend of mine who would never have asked or expected that, but who she knew needed that support. 

I hope to have half of the generous but unwavering spirit that my mom has, and I can’t think of someone more dedicated to solving the problems of her constituents. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that strength and kindness are opposing qualities. It takes a rare kind of strength to face the problems of many and be willing to take them on your own shoulders anyway.

I hope everyone has someone to take care of them, and if not, you may just yet!

Nicole Boisseau 

Thanks for supporting my mission!  

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