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Register to vote by February 5!

I loved spending part of the day on Tuesday in Elgin,TX at the Austin Community College campus helping CODA (Coalition of Democratic Allies) register voters. 

I’m a Voter Deputy Registrar (VDR) to help register voters in Travis and Bastrop County and will expand to other counties in District 10. I believe in helping GOTV across the district.  

And I wanted to check in - are you registered to vote for the primary election? 

Here’s how to know:

1. Go to

2. Click on "Am I Registered?"

3. Change selection criteria to “Name, County, Date of Birth” and enter your info.

Everything look good? You’re ready to vote!

If not, no worries! You can still register here (but hurry! You only have until February 5.)

Let’s work together to 

-> Help children step into a classroom that puts them first. 

-> Have Texas truly deal with extreme weather.

-> Get the health care every person deserves.

-> Break free from the government telling you what to do with your body.

I can’t do it without your support! Click below to be part of something amazing. 

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