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Proud to be endorsed by these groups

I’ve been hitting the campaign trail again this month.

I’m so honored to be endorsed by a diverse group of Democratic organizations:

THANK YOU to the

University Democrats

Tejano Democrats Austin

Austin Environmental Democrats

Liberal Austin Democrats

NorthEast Travis County Democrats

Northwest Austin Democrats

Central Austin Democrats

Your support means the world to me - and to my mission.

My mission is clear: 

We have the power to set the milestones in our future, and our children’s future. 


  • Your child stepping into a classroom that puts them first. 

  • The first day Texas can truly deal with extreme weather.

  • The day worrying about your health disappears and you get the care you deserve.

  • The day you can breathe free from the government telling you what to do with your body.

I can’t do it without your support! Click below to be part of something amazing. 

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