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Let’s help put decisions like this back into the hands of the people, not the politicians

It was a privilege to spend part of my day last week sharing space with so many women using their voices and time to lift other women up with Blue Action Dems!

Including Amanda Zuwarski.

In case you don’t remember Amanda, she’s one of the strong Texas women who was denied healthcare for her failed pregnancy in 2023 and sued the state of Texas.

Now she is working for Biden’s campaign to help ensure that her story doesn’t happen to other women.

THIS is why I am fighting to help make Texas brighter.

When draconian abortion bans are enacted, governments overreach and make that choice for women. 

These bans that remove choice lead to worse maternity care, to victims of trauma being left in agony, and to more women dying of treatable conditions. 

This is why I support codifying Roe v. Wade into law, to take the decision out of politicians hands and give it back to the people.

I can't do it without your help!

$50 buys a tank of gas so I can cover more ground.

$250 carpets a whole street in yard signs.

$1,000 gets us on the air with radio advertising to reach people across central Texas.

Follow us on social media and share with your friends and family.

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