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I’m a former teacher, and I need your help.

I spent several happy years teaching in Austin ISD.

I was a part of the American Federation of Teachers, and I was proud of the minds and lives I helped shape and grow. 

Today I wouldn’t want to be a teacher. 

Teaching and schools are under attack.

Republicans would rather spend our public money on a handful of private schools where parents have no say than build up our public education system. Their plans would gut rural schools and give parents less and less choice. 

I believe gwe can build a world class public education system for every child. And in Congress, I'll prove it.

Getting into public office in 2024 takes a lot of money.Even more when you’re running against a man who has grown richer and richer in office. It’s not right that it takes so much money. And when I am in office, I’m going to do something about that. 

But to get there in the first place, I need your support.

Right now, that means your donations and your time.

And please follow me on social media - and share with your friends and family!

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