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Celebrating the Suffragists and all they did for women’s rights.

This past week I visited Virginia and NYC where I celebrated the Suffragist movement.

I'm still thinking about the Turning Point Suffragist Memorial that honors women - like Alice Paul and Ida B. Wells - who fought in the suffragist movement. It was a hard fought battle primarily from 1848 through passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920 that allowed most women to vote.

I then saw “Suffs” on Broadway, a production highlighting the Suffragist movement.

These women risked their lives as they clashed with the president, the public, and each other.

They worked across generational, racial, and class divides to bring about the greatest expansion of democracy the world had ever witnessed -  the right to vote -  on August 26, 1920, now known as Women’s Equality Day.

Yes! It’s only been just over 100 years that women have had a voice in the laws that affect us all.

That’s why I’m urging you to use your voice in local elections - going on now - and beyond!

Won’t you help me help you make your voice heard in Congress? 

$50 buys a tank of gas so I can cover more ground.

$250 carpets a whole street in yard signs.

$1,000 gets us on the air with radio advertising to reach people across central Texas.

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