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Are you prepared to lose your democracy and your rights?

If you have not heard about Project 2025, let me introduce you.

It is a platform that Republicans are running on that calls for removing more and more rights from the American people, and gutting their ability to vote so a minority of Republicans gain a tight grip on power.

I am working day and night to stop that happening. 

In office, I will give everything I have to stop this unAmerican Project 2025 in its tracks.

To get there, I need your support. 

We have a fundraising deadline approaching, and I need you to donate if we are to have a chance of stopping Project 2025.

Getting into public office in 2024 takes a lot of money. 

Even more when you’re running against a man who has grown richer and richer in office. It’s not right that it takes so much money. And when I am in office, I’m going to do something about that. 

But to get there in the first place, I need your support.

And please follow me on social media - and share with your friends and family!

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