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An important health check-up

The health of our healthcare system is not good.

 It is constantly getting attacked by Republicans who would dismantle it, and has little to no protection against hard working Americans being taken for a ride.

We can heal it - together.

In Congress, I will push for more rural health clinics. 

I will help lower drug prices for everyone and ensure no-one goes bankrupt simply because they fell ill. 

And I will give women’s healthcare - including access to reproductive care - the importance that right now it lacks. 

Getting into public office in 2024 takes a lot of money..

Even more when you’re running against a man who has grown richer and richer in office. It’s not right that it takes so much money. And when I am in office, I’m going to do something about that. 

But to get there in the first place, I need your support.

Right now, that means your donations and your time.

And please follow me on social media - and share with your friends and family!

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