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2000 Miles

On this day, in 1845, Texas became the 28th state to join the Union. As a former teacher who taught Texas history, I always love talking about the fact that as one travels across this great, big state, the geography mimics that of the entire United States.  East Texas has the tall trees one would usually find in the Eastern US, there are the beaches spanning the breadth of the coastline and the hills of central Texas reminds visitors of the Kentucky and Tennessee areas. Beyond Central Texas, if you head north, you will hit the plains of Texas. Finally, to the west, just beyond miles and miles of flatland, one comes to the mountains of west Texas. It is fitting that the slogan for Texas tourism that launched in 2016 is “Texas, It’s Like A Whole Other Country.”

Just as many Texans are proud of the amazing geography, they also have immense pride in the heritage of the state.  The amusement park isn’t called Six Flags for nothing! There are so many countries represented in the heritage of Texas, that to try to separate them out or even name them, I won’t even try. I believe that this melting pot of backgrounds is what makes us stronger.

As I have now traveled roughly 2,000 miles across District 10, meeting people and having great conversations, I have learned that rather than working to divide us, the goal should be to discover what unites us. In individual towns, Texans are proud of their diverse heritage and still have friendly competition with other communities, usually centered around sporting events.

Both rural and urban residents that I have talked to say that they want strong and supportive schools that foster community and to live free of fear from others even if they disagree.

Job security has been a topic in several areas while many are concerned about extreme weather and what solutions leaders can focus on in the aftermath of devastating events. Finally, many are asking for dependable healthcare for women and for residents of all ages.

Texas and democracy is strengthened by pride and belief that our diversity makes us stronger.  Anyone who works to instill fear to divide us is not working in our best interest nor for the greater good.

I believe that honest Texans working together for the common good can lead and build a brighter future for all. I’m not going to stop fighting for such a future and I would be honored to have you join me on this journey.

Want to help me cover the next 2,000 Miles? And the 2,000 after that?

Click below and be part of something amazing.

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